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I had this surgery in April. The injection you are talking about is basically a nerve block. It certainly does NOT last 72 hours. Mine lasted 8 hours. Then I was rotating morphine, dilaudid and demerol. It was terrible excruciating pain. There's nothing worse than shoulder surgery. I had a complete tear of the rotator cuff, a torn bicep tendon and several bone spurs. I also had "screws" put in. As another poster said, it's awful. I was taking as much Percocet as I could get my hands on. Once you start physical therapy, you need a lot of pain meds. You have to have your pain somewhat manageable in order to do your rehab. The surgeons describe two kinds of pain..."significant" pain is the one they worry about. Theo other pain is the usual pain with rehab. My significant pain didn't go away until 3 months after surgery and I was taking meds the whole time. I am 6 1/2 months post surgery now and I can finally move the shoulder without pain....although at times it still hurts. Unfortunately I have to have the other shoulder done as well. I always thought knee surgery was bad but everyone in the medical community says shoulder surgery is the worst. You have a right to be concerned about post op pain.....so communicate your concerns ahead of time. All though I don't think doctors actually believe us patients until after the fact. Good luck.

I just reread this thread and realized the cocktail injection mentioned is different from the nerve block. It sounds like it is a lot better than the nerve block I had. I'm glad I read this because I still have the other shoulder to do and I'm not anxious to do it of course but I have learned a lot just reading this board and particularly this thread. :)