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Hi All,

I know all too well about this. I've had over 65+ surgeries for my kidneys, including the removal of my left kidney almost 2 yrs. ago. My kidneys, or should I say kidney, is the reason I'm in PM. It's soooo horrible when I go in for surgery, although I will not be having anymore surgeries because my remaining kidney is dysfunctional/failing and I will not go on dialysis.

Anyway, Boxerluver already knows this story from the kidney board, but when I had this one surgery done 5 yrs. ago, it was a nightmare!! I was on Oxycontin 40mg bid & Actiq 800mcg 6/day prn (averaging 5/day). Anyway, the SOB surgeon assurred me I would be taken care of by the PM team at the hospital. WRONG!! I wake up in recovery screaming my head off!! The nurse had already given me 50mg of Demerol IV and said "she should be out already". Are you kidding me???

Well, I'm screaming in pain, my mother and husband are yelling at the docs and nurses and the nurses are yelling at the docs. My b/p was 250/130 and climbing. The ahole nurse comes over and says "why are you still in pain?? I don't understand"? I told her to look at my med chart and she did and came back and said "ohhh, you poor thing, you are an addict"! WHAAATTTT!!!

This is something you should never say to a post-op patient screaming in pain with stroke level b/p and rising! She shouldn't have said it period! It took 30 minutes before the PM team came in and hooked up my PCA pump (seemed like an eternity). It took 15mg of Dilaudid spread out in 5mg doses over 30 minutes just to take the edge off. I was still miserable! Eventually, the Dilaudid was changed to Fentanyl.

It was a week in the hospital I will never forgot! I was still in severe pain, but they would not increase the Fentanyl anymore due to "my possible breathing stopping". Give me a break!! Someone who is wide awake with still very high b/p, 100% oxygen saturation, and a pulse of 130 is not going to stop breathing on you!

Well, needless to say, this is one mistake I've never made again. Believing the surgeon has set up my post-op PM. I make it a point to have already a plan in writing!! This horrid experience was partly my fault, but, it will never happen again! Take care and bye for now!! :angel: