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Hi Lisa, Morphine is just the gold standard to which other opiates are compared in strength. Oxycodone is actually stronger than morphine. Most conversion will have oxycodone 50% to twice as strong, meaning if your taking a 30 mgs of oxy a day you would need 45-60 mgs of morphine to obtain the same relief. Morphine is more sedating than oxy but that usually gets better. But because morphine is an opioid and oxy and hydro are synthetcis opiates, He's truly testing to see if you might be allergic to morphine or opioids.

PM, CP and opiate use has caused many relationships to fail due to lack of understanding. Your husband is already freaking out based on misinformation. The more you can involve him in your care and the more he's there listening to what the doc says and can have his questions answered too, the less he will have to worry about. If you exclude him from your PM, he may think your hiding something and he will continue to be misinformed about every medication you take. Morphine is no more addicting or causes no more dependence than oxycodone or hydrocodone. All his fears are based on misinformation. You can actually find equianelgesic tables on the net that will show him that morphine is not the strongest med there is. In fact, when it comes to class 11 pain meds, morphine is the weakest when you compare pain meds mg to mg aside from Demerol.

It would be a shame for a relationship to fall apart when every assumption he's making is flat out wrong. What other meds would you be allowed or not allowed to take based on his knowledge of medication. Get him involved, let him ask the doctor questions and then let him see the proof is in the pudding.
Good luck, Dave