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Hey Debs, Home injectables could be morphine, dilaudid, demerol or fentanyl although fent has such a short half life, "minutes" it's a por cjhoice for anything other than continuous delivery. It can come in either a vial you draw the dose out yourself or they may come in preloaded sirynges. My friend in Cananda uses preloaded sirynges of morphine to simply cut the ER out of the picture, He gives himself a shot in the thigh and saves hours at the ER. This may or may not be an option for you at some point.

I still feel that another pump trial is warrented in your case and that swede screwed you and his negatives notes are still folowing you everywhere you go. Once one doc labels you an addict it's tough for other docs to ignore. It does seem absurd that your govt had to get involved because you hapen to be a unique case or one they don't understand completely.

When talking to the docs, The important thing is making sure that when you complain about pain you also explain it, how it effects your daily life, what your looking for as far as expectations for relief and function. You may never be pain free, but there are some things even a doc will see as reasonable goals. The goal shouldn't be keep med use below some imaginary number, it should be about improving the quality of your life and you need to be specific as far as what you would settle for if you knew that was the best they could do. When you have no alterantive other than meds, they simply have to observe the benefit Vs the negative aspects. If a doc does his job and follows your case, he should be able to see if a treatment plan is helping or hindering you.

Hang in there, even if it's one hour at a time for right now. Eventually you will find the help you need.
Take care, David