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Hey Pain,

I too had severe endo and was in horrible pain from the moment I started menstruating which was at 11. I suffered through my teen years with no help. I started getting cysts that would rupture and I'd end up having emergency surgery (3 times) to stop the bleeding. Once I ended up with peritinitus. They decided to remove my left ovary and see if that would help. Then I went on a course of Lupron and that made it worse. None of any of this made it better. I was in such severe pain. I had to withdraw from 2 semesters of college due to it. The summer of my junior year I was doing an internship and ended up in the hospital. They flew me home and at 21 years of age I had an emergency total hysterectomy.

With my other surgeries I would ask them to just kill me the pain was so bad. After the hysterectomy I woke up and for the first time in 10 years had no pain. I was up and walking THAT day. I felt so good! In 7 days I did an aerobic marathon. That might not have been a smart decision but I felt like a new person.

I've been lucky with as many surgeries that I had abdominally I don't have any pain there from adhesions or anything. But during that whole time I was usually on percocet and tylox, and when I was in the hospital, demerol.

I am so sorry you are having a hard time finding a doc and I would run as far and as fast from that idiot that told you he doesn't treat pelvic pain or anyone your age. You will find someone, it just take some time to find the good ones.

Take care