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"Hey Steve,

Thank you for your post. I can always use prayers, so I really appreciate you saying one for me. I will return the favor and include a prayer for you as well.

It all started with an incisional hernia after one of my laparoscopy surgeries. They said that it was small, and would cause no pain. I had pain however, all the time. It was really bad when I strained the muscles there.

I suffered with on and off severe pain, bloating, distention, nausea, ect. Then they said that I had a bowel obstruction. After the emergency surgery, I awoke in the worst pain of my life. After a hell on earth nightmare experience in the hospital, I finally went home, still in severe pain. The pain continued long after I had "healed".

I went two years searching for answers and/or help. I finally went to a pain specialist and started daily pain meds. I found a surgeon in May who agreed to go in and remove the mesh they implanted after the bowel obstruction. The surgeon said that the area was a maze of adhesions. The mesh came apart from the abdominal wall on it's own, and he removed it. He left a small area, about the size of a quarter, that he called "a weak area in the muscle."

Sadly, that quarter-size weak area, is now the size of a small cantalope. My pain is worse than ever. I have also been diagnosed with IBS, but still have pain and problems that are not well explained. The last time I saw the gastro, he examined my stomach and said "Good Lord, what the hell happened to you??!!" Not a good sign, huh?

Steve, my pain is right below my sternum and directly above my belly-button. Kindof like where you would expect a "six-pack"......LOL I wish! My pain is a constant soreness that worsens with the slightest activity. It gets worse carrying anything over 5 lbs, pulling, stretching, yawning, coughing, standing for long periods, ect. The soreness is constant and in varying degress, but I also have sharp, pulling pain, and sometimes a burning, stinging pain.

I take several "anti-spasmodic" meds for my stomach problems. You list it, I have it. As far as adhesions, after every lap, the surgeon would say that the scarring and adhesions made it difficult to even operate, as it was hard to even see and locate normal anatomy. I always have bad pain in my lower left side. They can never find the source of the pain, but I believe that it is adhesions connecting my colon to itself, or other organs.

Tell me about your abdominal issues! We'll swap stories! Thanks again my friend!"



Your pain is "right below my sternum and directly above my belly-button."

WOW! What a coincidence.

My abdominal issues:
I've give a brief history OK? I don't want to leave anything out because something I consider insignificant might trigger a helpful thought in your mind and I don't want to miss out on that.

First thing was a hernia I had at about 4 years old ('59). It was in the lower right abdomen and repaired surgically. It was kinda funny because at the time I didn't think much of it. Apparently I was born with it. I would be playing outside and my gut would "pop out," and I'd go back to the house to have my mom shove it back into place. Ultimately this was fixed.

Second thing was an appendectomy during my teen years ('78). Turns out it wasn't an infected appendix at all, but something they called mesenteric lymphadonitis (sp?). This was my first experience with abdominal disease or infection.

Not long after that I started with generalized gut pain (80's). This went on for quite some. Ultimately my GP sent me to a Gastroenterologist (gastro). The gastro was pretty aggressive. After trying a number of things he performed a scope, watching some of that chalky white stuff you swallow go through my upper GI. Right there on the table I had a pain attack. The xray showed a narrowing in the intestine and he yelled for a surgeon. I thought, my God, they're gonna cut me open right here? Pretty funny now that I look back on it. The gastro assumed it was a bowel obstruction and sent me home with instructions on what to do and not do while he scheduled surgery to fix it. They opened me up and found absolutely nothing. Nothing!

I got home from surgery and the same day had what I believe was my first genuine gall bladder attack. Rolling on the floor, shedding all my clothes, yelling in pain while my wife was on the phone to my GP. He overheard everything and told my wife to drive me to his place and he shot me up with demerol and gave me a filled syringe to take home with me. The next day he got on the phone to get me tested for gall bladder stones. Five years went by until they finally saw the stones on an ultrasound test. I lived daily in fear of another attack. When one would hit I'd run around jumping up and down trying to dislodge the stuck stone. It actually worked sometimes.:) But, more often than not, I'd end up in the ER. That routine got old fast and I know they started to flag me as a drug seeker. I hated that but couldn't really get too shook up about it because when the pain hit all reason went out the door and I needed relief. After the successful ultrasound they had a surgeon take my gall bladder out laproscopically. No more of that pain. But...

As soon as I had my gall bladder out my bowel habits really changed. I won't get graphic, but it wasn't pleasant. And I started to have this generalized mid abdominal discomfort. Not acutely severe, but relatively constant. They diagnosed me with IBS. I was treated with all the usual gastro-type meds and even accupuncture and Chinese herbs. No real relief.

Then in '02 my real bowel obstruction hit. You know how that works so I won't go into detail. During a surgical follow-up my doc said I needed to start on a serious high-fiber diet. At least 25 grams per day of wheat fiber. I did this faithfully for over a year. During that year I started to lose lots of weight, like over 80 pounds, without trying. I got so sick. Totally incontinent. Things got so bad I was admitted to the hospital and things looked pretty bad. After a week in the hospital they found that I had Celiac disease, a gluten intolerance. Basically, this means that the gluten destroys the lining of the intestines, robbing your body of the ability to take in nutrients from food. I was dying of malnutrition. This then works against the heart causing many to die of heart failure or attack if left undiagnosed (remember one of the Gibbs brothers - that's what happened to him). So all that time I was faithfully taking in 25 grams a day of wheat fiber I was killing myself without knowing. As soon as I learned about the diagnosis I stopped everything with gluten (all wheat, wheat flour, oats, barley, vinegar, you name it). Things got much better and the weight went back on.

Another outcome of the hospital tests was an indication that there might be an auto-immune thing going on - something like Chron's, but not it directly. That is yet to be evaluated.

One other thing - I had to detox from Duragesic patches (another story for another time) a few years ago. After completing the detox I returned home to terrible mid-abdominal pain (this is the pain directly under my sternum and above the belly button). I'd wake up fairly OK. Then not long after that the pain would start. The only relief I could find was to lay in a fetal position with absolutely no strain on the abdomen or its muscles at all. The only thing that helps with this pain is the opioids I take for CP. I would love to know what this is, and this is why I'm bothering you with all this.

Amanda - if you see anything in my story, anything that triggers any ideas, I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts or suggestions. I know I need to get the auto-immune thing evaluated, but things other than that.

Thanks so much for hearing me out:)

Maybe through this sharing there'll be something that helps you too:)

Anyone else with any ideas? I'd love to hear them.