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I don't think you can get refills on the Schedule 11 either. I remember one time I had to go to a different "on call " Doc as my Doc was closed for the holiday. It eventually was DX as my current back problem but at the time he was worried about my gall bladder. he had prescribed Demerol and something else for pain and the nurse asked what could be called in and what could not. i was given a script for the Demerol but something else was called in. That was years ago and I can't remember all the meds. The Demerol was a great pain med though :)
Thats exactly right, the class II meds, oxycodone and above, IE demerol, morphine, percocet, ect, cannot be called in or have refills on it, a new 'hard copy' of the script must be presented and be in the store you fill it, if you have a class III, norco, lortab, vicodin, and such, you can have it called in, and have refills on it. but say you go to a chain store, and you need a class II refilled, and only the 24 hour chain store is open, if that is not the same store your original script was faxed to or called in to, it cannot be filled there, you must wait until the original pharmacy you presented it to is open.

There are lots of new laws about post dating scripts, and 3 month supplies, and other things, Others here (Waving at Dave) know a lot more about that then I do.

HTH, Fabby :)

PS~This made me wonder, I just switched from Ultram and Lortabs, both class III's, to Methadone. Is methadone a class II? They carry it at the small pharmacy right in my doctors building, so it probably wouldnt cause me any extra trouble, just curious, seems to me methadone would be a class II.