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MSContin is a time release mediaction and I've been on it before. It didn't work for me at all. I thought Dilaudid and Opana were also LA. I guess I was mistaken? What are the major BT pain meds. What about Demerol?
Dilaudid (hydromorphone) is a short acting opioid and is used as a BT med for some. Opana comes in both long and short acting tablets, so it too can be used for BT pain.

Others are oxycodone (single entity as opposed to Percocet with the tylenol), fentanyl lollipops and buccal tablets, morphine IR, etc. Demerol would not be Rx'd as it can cause a build-up of nasty metabolites. MS Contin, which I use, is a LA med, not suitable as a BT med.

Since oxycodone has worked for you in the past, you might consider the concentrated liquid formulation. This is what I use for BT pain. It comes in 30ml bottles, and the formulation is 20mg oxy for every 1ml. So, it's pretty potent, but using a dropper you can get as little as 5mg at a time. My doc prescribes 1-2ml every 6 hours, which is 20-40mg every 6 hours. Works great!