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Hi Zach,

Wow what a hard thing to go through when docs do not agree. That must have been scarry.
I am glad to hear they did further testing and finally agreed.

Zach no one but you can make the judgement call of wether surgery is the right thing or not. I know all to well how hard of a decision that it can be as I have had many surgeries in my life especially the last few years.

Being that your a yong person I think that you will have an easier time bouncing back from it as long as your eating good and being a healthy person.

I also understand the concerns about pain control after surgery. I was lucky that I got to stay in the hospiatal after my cervical surgery and they had me on a IV with a small continuous amount of Demerol going in and a PCA pump of Demerol evey 6 minutes which was needed right after surgery. They also had me on muscle relaxers or valium. The doc and hospital did a good job manageing the pain for me. Please just tell the doc and anesthesiologist of your concerns before you go into the surgery. Dont be afraid to ask for what you need. It is important to get adequate pain control after your surgery and be comfortable so that your body can heal well.

One other thing. Surgery is tricky because some folks wake up and are better and never hurt anymore and others have their surgeries only to find that they have more pain. I have to work on patience in that area. Talk with your doctors and try your best to keep a good line of comunication. I keep a pain diary of my symptoms and pain levels as well as levels of my emotions because they do go hand and hand sometimes. The elevated pain levels that can linger around after surgeries does not .necessarily mean that the surgery did not help. TIME TIME TIME. Time is the main deal and I am learning that myself. We get these expectations of going for surgery and then being all better and it just does not realistcally happen that way because every persons body is different and heals at its own pace. We will be there to support you either way. Just try to be open minded about your recovery

I wish you the best of luck and please report back as soon as you can and let us know that your ok.

God Bless...