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Hi deviphish76:

I can't really answer your question as to why the other meds didn't work and these do. I too had the same fusion on 3/9/07. Post op (while in the hospital) I had a demerol IV PCA pump and a Fentynal 50mcg patch (which was upped from my 25mcg pre-surgery).

I came home on Fentynal 25mcg, Percocet 10/325, Zanaflex 4mg, Elavil 50mg, and Lyrica but couldn't tolerate that.

I'm now taking Avinza which is actually a step down from Fentynal (as I understand it). It's morphine sulfate Long Acting and I only have to take it once a day. The good news is I'm finally getting the much need rest that is helping the over all pain control. My pain is finally coming down to reasonable numbers. From about an 8 to a six. I can live with a six. I take MSIR if the pain gets really out of hand 8-9, but to be honest, either I have a high tolerance for pain (I've lived with chronic migraines since the age of 7), or have just accepted this is the way it will be, and carry on...ya know! I sorta cherish my organs, and want to keep them with me for as long as possible! :p

I'm happy that you are getting the pain control you need. When it happens to me, I thank my lucky stars, fall on my kness and give thanks to God, and go out and do a few things that I know I will pay for the next day!! :p

Take care and enjoy you pain reduced days.