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Hello everyone! My name is stacy and I live in Oakley California. I have been enduring pain management for over 5 years now and will be dealing with it for the rest of my life. It started back in 2001 when I was in a high speed car accident. I had been hit from behind at over 70mph while at a dead stop and pushed into another car. During the accident I herniated 3 discs in my lumbar spine and 3 discs in my c-spine.

I've had 12 surgeries 3 being major the rest being minor on my lumbar spine with no success. That's when my pain managment started. I have gone from taking over 190mgs a day of Morphine and I can't even think of how much Norco a day to 1 vicodin a day after I went cold turkey from the morphine and norco. I did well for about 6 months until scar tissue started siatic issues and those cant be resolved.

So, here I sit with 1 vicodin a day that well in all in tense and purposes doesn't cut it. When in pain I am unable to walk or sit for any period of time. I often endure horrific charlie horses in the most affected leg. I have pain in my arms and neck that do not go away and will not be operated on due to the failure of other surgeries.

In this time of my life my pain management is not managed by my PM doc anymore but by my PC doc. I've often asked to go back to my PM (stupid HMO's) but have ben told that since I managed to get myself off all the medications I was on before that they do not want me to go back to the PM in fear of relapsing into physical addiction again. When I first started taking the vicodin again I was so afraid of taking it that I'd only take half and just deal with the rest of the pain.

I then went in for surgery on my left hand and found out that meds I used to take on a normal basis I can no longer take period. Morphine gives me hives, demerol makes me violently ill and gives me such a bad headache that I wind up on the bathroom floor curled up in a ball..

When it comes right down to it I wonder what made my body reject it all? and Now what? If I can't take these meds with out the horrid side effects what kind of PM doc is going to want to risk giving me something? Who knows I suppose I will see as time goes on. At any rate I am here for information and kindred spirits who don't mind talking about issues and problems with meds or pains they may have.

Thank you for listening!/Reading!