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Hi all...I have been one of those lurkers for a long time and finally decided to sign up when I needed to ask a few questions of my own. Since this is my first post, please bare with me while I explain my situation.

I first started having pains in my left leg in 2004. Took almost 1-1/2 years before someone could actually diagnosis it to the point of doing something about it. I had a lumbar lamenectomy at L5-S1 in July 2005 for herniated disc.
I was back to work in 3-1/2 weeks. My job is an office position. A few months later, I started having burning in my left foot and up the backside of my leg up into my rearend. I went through shots at local Pain Management for about a year. That place was a joke. The doc all the way down to the staff were very rude. Finally in January 2007, I started having problems in my right foot as well. I called my surgeon and he told me to come in immediately. He and his staff are very good and treated me with respect. Once test were done, he still didn't want to do another surgery before going through the Pain Management of his recommendation. This doc is in a neighboring large city known for medical. I will say this right now, he and his nurses have been great and have treated me well. I have read many stories of people having different stories relating to that. I have been through every procedure he has recommended. He has been very aggressive in trying to provide me with pain relief. Two weeks ago, I just had 8 RFL's. 4 on each side. I have never really gotten any relief from any of them if any at all.

My question is medicine related, but please feel free to offer any advice regarding any part. Below is a list of medications I have been on and the effects of each:

1) Norco...from surgeon. Worked well before and after surgery.
2) Recently was changed to Duragesic patch for 3 weeks by PM doc...had to stop wearing them due to skin reactions. I would get blisters around the perifry of the patch. It actually worked pretty good, but could not deal with the blisters. I was to take 4 Norco a day for BT while on patch. Usual dose was 2 Norco 10/325 every 6 hours.
3) PM doc put me on Roxicodone...never taken oxy before. It worked pretty good for about a week. I found in week 2 I was having to take two at a time to get any relief. I developed a severe problem urinating also.
4) I am now back on the Norco until my next appointment in three more days.

I guess my question is going to regard tolerance, but as said, please advise in any area you feel or ask any question you want. The Norco worked good for almost 3 years including before and after surgery. It seems all of a sudden that my tolerance has topped out for some reason.

Is this typical or is something not right???

Please read this before answering. I've also kidney stones since I was 21 years old and I am now working on 42. I had another stone this past Tuesday and it is now Sunday (Easter). They used to give me Demerol and phenerganin my IV and it worked very well. I would urinate pure blood and not even know it. In the last year or so, they started using Dilaudid in IV and it also worked well. Normally these meds knock me on my rear and I don't know anything. I have stones about every 6 months. I actually lost my left kidney (atrophy) due to stones. Last Tuesday when a coworker took me to the ER, they done the usual routine with fluids and Dilaudid. They had to give me 3 shots before I got any relief. Like I said, normally that would knock me down, but it barely affected me. Usually I would feel the effects of the medicine for hours, but this time, I felt like I could hop in my truck and drive like nothing hapened. I didn't, I was just using as comparison. So, now back to my point, all of a sudden, nothing seems to help very much. The Norco doesn't do a thing for me. Neither does the oxy and now the Dilaudid. Let me say this, I am not speaking of euphoria or high, just from point of pain relief. I finally passed one stone on Tuesday after the third shot and thought I was going to pass out from the pain. I passed another that night at home.

So, what is going on with my tolerance? I actually thought about asking the doc id he could test the Norco to see if they were placebo or something. I know it sounds crazy, but it is that bad. I have always gotten them from the same pharm and they look the same.

I go back to PM doc this coming Tuesday for follow up on RFL's.

Anyone have any ideas or advice whether it be a medicine to try or what is causing the sudden high tolerance? Thing is, I know my doses are fairly high, but I have read where some are on stronger meds for longer. He did mention Methadone, but after reading up on it, I think I want to stay away from that because I do have hopes of one day getting this cured and not needing meds anymore and the Methadone is said to be very hard to come off of.

Thanks to all who have had the patience to read the entire post...