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DH just had his third colonoscopy. His first was just over two years ago and two very large polyps were removed. He had been given Demerol as a sedative, and we he came out of the procedure his blood pressure skyrocketed to 155/120 (he always had normal blood pressure prior to the procedure). The doctor said it was probably the demerol. The next colonoscopy, which was performed three months later (to be sure the polyps were completely removed) went well. His blood pressure was still high but not as bad.

It took well over a year for DH's BP to get back to normal, but it did. He has been off meds for a year now. His BP yesterday was 110/70. Than this morning he went for another colonoscopy and was given Versed. A small polyp was removed from the rectal area. Once again, his blood pressure went way up (155/109). Nobody seems to know what is causing this. Has anyone else had this experience?