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Dear Brian,

When I was teaching school--back in the early 1990's--I was contantly getting sick with strep throat and tonsillitis. So, my doctor decided I should get my tonsils removed (especially since I taught High School Choir and needed my voice to function). This was before I was on LA medication, but I was very used to taking Stadol Nasal Spray, Percocet, and Demerol as needed for various reasons.

The Surgeon refused to give me anything stronger than liquid Tylenol #2. Fortunately, I got in touch with my regular doctor who Rx'd liquid Demerol for the first week and liquid hydrocodone for the next two weeks. Even after all of this medication, I was in misery. I can't understand this at all--the pain was just so intense. Don't let anyone do this to you without CLEAR PAIN MEDICATION STRATEGIES!!! What works on an 8-year-old doesn't always work on a 23-year-old! By the way, if I had not had my family around to help me...I don't know that I would have recovered from the pain I experienced from that procedure. There's nothing more convincing than a Mother who is witnessing her son in pain--no matter what his age is!

Finally, Brian...I'm thrilled to hear that you are finally feeling a tad better. Prayers are a significant portion of the Pain Management arsenal!

Jon (Conductor)