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Hello! Well, getting my 5 yr follow-up. This is a new doctor and procedure is different? I was totally out last time, this one is semi seduction? She sd with demerol or something?? no anesthia person needed and I would be able to speak? has anyone had this and do you feel anything? Last 2 times I think they zapped me out, don't remember a thing. Also: can they detect hemorhoids or other issues during a colonscopy? I did find out the polyp I had many yrs ago was hyperplastic, so that is good. But since my mom died at age 62 from colon cancer I'm keeping on top of things. I've had bowel issues lately and a bit of blood, a lot of pressure down there too. I'm 52 now and since my mom went thru all this at my age it worries me.
The usual meds are demerol and versed. While you may be able to speak, you won't remember it (thanks to the versed) and you shouldn't feel anything. I don't know what you had last time, but I doubt very much that you will notice any difference. And yes, they can detect hemorrhoids and other issues, such as Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, etc. when they do a colonoscopy.