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Just what did the doc say when you let him know how his service behaved? Did he seem to care?

I didn't speak to him, just his "coordinator" and she just blew it off :confused:. She did comment on my MRI and said his notes said "the knee wasn't in bad shape at all" and that's why he won't give me anything stronger. I was speechless, I thought to myself "do I need to start recording my office visits with him so I can prove what he told me in the room"??? I have taken a couple of the Talwin's since yesterday and they work OK at best but what's a girl to do? I'm so fed up with doctors and their lack of caring. I went through the same thing with my OBGYN after my total abdominal hysterectomy in February. He gave me one script for Demerol when I left the hospital and then wanted to give me Ultram or Darvocet after that too. Why is it that I can't get any doctor to take care of me and when I read through post after post on this board and others some people seem to be able to get pain medicine if they sneeze. I realize most of you are CP patients and I feel for you but to those (and you know who you are) who get pain meds whenever they like, it's not fair to those of us who really need them because the doctors are now so paranoid. Please don't flog me with replies if you think I'm being insensitive, I'm not. We all know there are always those that ruin it for the rest and then there are those who truly deserve the best meds and caring doctors, especially CP patients. Trust me I've seen my share of people truly in pain (my father-in-law was a doctor, now deceased) and my dad, grandmother & both grandfathers died of cancer. I also know how hard it is sometimes to tell between someone truly in pain and a hypochondriac....that's what I mean by people who ruin it for all of us. Sorry to be so long winded this morning, I'm just not feeling well.

Take care :wave: