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I just had surgery that left me unable to eat for a couple of weeks. I was in the hospital 14 days where in place of my Paxil they gave me 1MG of Ativan intravaneously per my request. As a pain killer I had demerol every 5hrs which I became dependent on. After being released from the hospital I called frantic because my heart rate would not go below 115. I was told that was demerol withdrawal and was prescribed Ativan to keep calm. After a week of taking 2MG of Ativan a day (1MG every 12hrs) I went down to only 1MG a day trying to wean off before going back to work. I also started my Paxil up again after a 2 1/2 week hiatus.

Today was my first day to go 1MG every 12hrs and it did not go well. Out of nowhere I had a massive panic attack which drove me to take the Ativan against my best intentions. However even with the Ativan I had that feeling of anxiety for the rest of today. I felt like doom was imminent and short of breath. All of these are my typical anxiety symptoms and my doctor is very used to me calling about it.

Does anyone have advice for coming off of Ativan? As we all know the dr's will not subscribe this for long periods of use and I only have 12 left.

Thanks for listening/helping!!!!