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Hi Erin: I tried going back to work and it was too early must call in tomorrow and say sorry...

Anyway You sound like you are in fabulous spirits!!!! The one thing I want to read is that you tossed away your cane! Is that too ambitious to hope for?

You sound wonderful, how much longer will you be in the collar?
I'll bet you can't wait to have your hair done! Very gingerly though. I go to a salon that has special sink chairs to protect the neck and it doesnt hurt at all. I have highlights, lowlights and long hair and the first time I had them done after surgery I didn't trust reclining in salon sink so I had my husband drive me home so I could stand in the shower to wash the gunk out, drive me back for the trim and blow. And I tell you it was worth the effort because even though I was still in that Aspen collar and it was getting tattered my hair felt great!

Sleep always eludes me as pain hurts more at night because there is no one to talk to, and you are more focused on the pain. Also for me almost every Narcotic pain killer kept me wide awake as though I had drank 2 red bulls! The only one that makes me sleepy is demerol which I find is too scary to take more than a couple of days. So I read and passout when exhausted!

Have a wonderful day