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Hi Leslie,

I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. Once I got home I was really really out of it. Then my husband came home and didn't expect me to be up. I tried to lay down but every time someone opened a door, it sounded like my doornob turned and woke me up, so rest was out.

The procedure went very well. They gave me 75cc of demerol, something for nausea and another small dose of pain meds all in two injections. She said to stay seated as I would feel loopy pretty quickly. I didn't feel anything at all 30 minutes later and she was shocked and told me what dose she gave me and that she would look into it. A few minutes later I could feel it in my eyes, a bit heavier you know. Then my regular nurse came in and was surprised to see me still quite myself and I told her I didn't really feel much of anything. She said, oh you will. They began the procedure and the doc was so gentle and explained everything as she did it. They used a freezing agent instead of regular novacain which stung at first but what a blessing! I only felt pressure on the bone instead of pain as they were removing it. The bone marrow extraction itselft was very painful but brief. Then they took blood from the marrow site which is where the parent cells live I think, 2 vials and then bone itself. When all was said and done and I got up, I was higher than a kite! The nurse said, "told ya" ha ha. So I had great relief for quite a long time, well into the evening.

Later that evening I started to ache pretty badly. My bad side is my right side so they did the biopsy on the left so now I can't get comfy at all. I asked my husband what to do about dinner last night and he said we're having snacks. What a jerk. He so stinks at caring for others when they are down. I eventually got up and heated up some leftovers and seethed the rest of the night. Today I hurt really really bad and have some drainage and bleeding that they said is bad so I called them and they told me to redress it for now and let me know if it continues. I think they need to call me something in for the pain though. I don't have any breakthrough meds and I really think I need them since I can't just lean on the other cheek either. I feel like a sissy. They said they would though when I was there yesterday. Not everyone needs them and I don't think I would either if I could just keep the weight off of it without causing the other side to hurt worse.

I told my husband he WILL get me take out tonight as he spoke of going out to a ball game. I know I can't cook the way I feel. My dear stepdad asked if I had ice cream because if not, he would go and get me some and bring it over. So sweet. They live about 20 minutes a day and he would do that. Not my man, he would just say I don't need it. He doesn't call me fat or anything like that, he just isn't a sweet eater, he is a chip eater. A big one.

So, I hurt and am a bit worried but at least this part is over. Results aren't until the morning of the 16th but I won't be able to post until later that evening because of work. You will be out of town then too I believe.

Thank you so much for thinking of me. I have had so much love from so many, just not from my husband and that hurts to say the least. He didn't wish me good luck, just to call if something went wrong. Even my X wished me well and said that he hated to hear I had to go through it. You live and learn huh? I have to get better so I can make some positive changes unless some miracle happens and the positive changes are within. I keep praying on it that is for sure. I'm sorry to tell you the bad stuff too, but I had to get it out you know?

Please, if I don't hear from you prior to, have safe travels. Try to enjoy as much as you can too.