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I went to my dentist last Tuesday and got a composite filling in my canine tooth as it had a cavity at the back of it between two teeth. The tooth seemed fine for a couple days and only had some mild pain. Then this Saturday I started to feel a sore line traveling from my tooth up to my nose. It almost felt like a crack in the jaw or something. Then by the night time I had to call my dentist on his cell phone and he called in a prescription to a pharmacy near my house for amoxicillin. But the pain was tremendous and I have never felt pain like this in my life. I ended up at the emergency at the hospital and they gave me shots of Demerol and a prescription for Demerol. This has helped a great deal for the pain but the infection seems to keep spreading. It is now traveled all over the right side of my face and around my eye. I am taking the antibiotics as prescribed and I was told that I should notice it start to go down in 2 to 3 days. I am very worried because I don't know if an abscess like this can kill you. Has anyone been through this before? The pain is ridiculous. Thank goodness for the Demerol as I think I would go absolutely nuts.