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meprozine is in the Demerol family and oxycodone in the Percocet...they are both schedule II. So as far as one being stronger than the other, it would depend on how they affect each individual.

Sorry, not much of an answer, but it is true that each person reacts differently to medication.
They are two totally different pain meds. Oxycodone which is a base medicine used to make oxycontin, percocet, roxicodone is a codine based medicine meprozine is in the demerol family but never did anything for me in fact demerol does nothing for me even when I have recieved it intravenasly. Ex what do ya know about meprozine??

Meprozine is meperidine (Demerol) and promethazine. Demerol is usually given with promethazine. The promethazine tends to augment the pain relieving effects of Demerol and add to the sedation, which in hospital post-op settings is usually welcome.

Oxycodone is derived from thebaine, an alkaloid of opium. Oxycodone is about 50% stronger than morphine. Demerol is about one-half to one-third as potent as morphine, so oxycodone is clearly the stronger of the two meds (meprozine vs oxycodone).

However, everyone reacts to these meds differently. I greatly prefer demerol to morphine when recovering from surgery, others prefer something else.

Your mileage may vary...


Every once in awhile I put up a winner.;)

I've just found that people are so different when it comes to reacting to meds.

Look at me - for me, IM demerol works better than IM morphine, even though the demerol is weaker. Yet, when it comes to CP meds, I use oral morphine and it is better for me that way. I've tried oral demerol but it's much, much weaker when taken orally. It takes about 300mg to get the same pain killing effect of a 75-100mg IM dose. And, as aussie pointed out, its metabolites are toxic if taken any longer than a few days.