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I cannot believe it, and you guys were right. Squeaky wheel and all. My GP called around lunch. I didn't know it, but he had been trying to reach my OB all morning to come up with a plan. He told me that we would need to go up all the oxycodone, and I told him that the pharmacist suggested 5mg.

He asked if I wanted a shot to help and I said yes. He told me to come in and get the shot, and he would have a script for me. Meanwhile, he is going to get the OB to figure out how to help.

To be honest, I was floored. I love my doctor, he has always been so good to me, but I know he was overwhelmed taking on all my problems too. Chris put me in the car, and drove me there. My doctor gave me a shot of demerol, and a script for oxycodone hcl, 15mg. I asked for 5mg! I can take one every four hours and there is 40 in all.

I am feeling exhausted, but I am not in as much pain, just very tired. I couldn't wait to let you all know.

Thank you so much. I don't know what I would do without you guys. You truly are my friends. Chris is happy and relaxed, knowing that no ER visits or anymore helpless nights are here for a while.

Thank you all. I will post again tomorrow.

We love you guys!

Your Friends,

Amanda & Chris