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I am so so sorry this happened. I know you had pinned a lot of hopes on today being a turn around for your pain.

I strongly agree with SS and some of the others, You need to come right out and ask for an increase, every time I have gotten a dose raised or a different med has been because I came right out and asked for it.

I know a lot of people say not to ask for meds, just report the pain, but I think with a doctor who knows you and is always kind of rushed, the only way to get them to go that extra mile for you is to dig in your heels and flat out ask. The worst they can say is no, at least you know where you stand.

When I have been told no, I always ask, at what point will you be willing? do I need to get worse, or try this dose longer for another reason? usually they will tell you something like they like their patients to try a med and a dose for at least x amount of time before changing it, then you know, if you arent better in week or whenever, they will be willing to adjust it.

My old doctor flat out refused to give LA meds. she didnt 'believe in them'. My new doctor gives out LA meds, but will not even consider a breakthrough med. they all have their idiosyncrasies. If he is uncaring and/or unreasonable, time to look for a new doctor.

I do think in my experience, doctors are less likely to treat a womans pain than a mans, they tend to see the hysterical female, the hypocondriac, much more often when seeing women patients than with male. I know my husband is routinely offered meds for the same proceedures I was not, and many women I know say the same thing. I have always said that if men had periods, midol would have demerol in it, lol.

Hang in there sweetie, I hope you can take hubby with you next time and have things go better.

Hugs, Fabby :cool: