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Had the colp, LEEP and ECC today (three birds with one stone!), although the entire experience was nerve wracking not because of the procedures, but because, after driving 5 hours from Boston to NYC for this procedure, I get a phone call asking if I can reschedule because the Dr. has to go to a delivery. I nearly broke down in tears on the phone and luckily the nurse was put on, talked to the doctor and they told me to run over to the office immediately so he could do it all before going to the hospital.

I asked the doctor a lot of questions before, and that helped me feel more calm. Everyone, thanks for all the helpful advice on what to ask and consider! I asked about the vaccine in particular. He said that the vaccine was unlikely to have spawned this, as it's not a live virus. He said that the vaccine might in fact help guard against further development since it boosts immunity. I'm not sure if I buy it, but there really isn't anything I can do at this point.

The procedures themselves were easy-peasy. People had warned me the colp would hurt and it didn't. In fact I laughed because I was feeling parts of me I hadn't felt before. He gave me demerol and barbutol (?) for pain and amnesia. The last thing I remember saying to the doc was asking if I would be able to have some beers and dance at my going away party on Sunday, and he said I should feel free to live it up by then, I came back to and he was laughing at the goofy things I was saying while doped up. I feel great, have no bleeding or cramping and actually drove the entire 5 hours back home since my mom was tired. Ha! Let's hope it's smooth sailing.

The doctor said that he could see the lesions clearly and, while he won't know the true pathology until he gets the results, it didn't look that bad from what the colp revealed. He felt we got a really good sample. So at least that piece of good news will keep me buoyant until I get the pathology and lab results.

I'm moving to China for at least a year and won't have American insurance anymore as of 9/1 (I'll be covered through a scholarship I'm studying on in China and through traveler's insurance anywhere BUT the US). Terrible timing, but I've already checked into my options for treatment over there, and since I'll be in Beijing, there are a few very good Western hospitals. Though, I must admit, dealing with something more serious while in China without having US insurance is a scary prospect.

This is just really crappy news, crappy timing, crappy situation. Blah.
Doki, what your doctor said about the vaccine is what I've read before. Hopefully that is all true.

I'm glad the procedure went so well. Hopefully the LEEP will be diagnostic AND treatment. I can't believe you drove, though after having demerol and the other drugs! YIKES! I'm glad ya'll got home safely!

Will will you get your results back? I think I had mine within 3-5 days.
He said at least a week. But he said he would call me personally with the results and not a nurse (I love my doc). So no use worrying until then. Hoping what he saw is the same as the results and there is no cancer, so I can finish worrying about this and go back to worrying about acing the GMAT and moving to China. ;)

Oh, and I DEFINITELY didn't drive right away. I actually went to lunch with my mom, went back to the DMV and renewed my license (where I was when I got the call to come in immediately), and "supervised" my mom and boyfriend packing up some stuff in our car. I was in Manhattan so no cars were involved until the drive home, which was 6 hours after the surgery.

I'd highly recommend this method for doing the LEEP. It forgoes any extra stress and hassle of going completely under in a hospital but makes you completely unaware for those worried about being awake during the exam. I didn't even feel the needle going in or any of the heart racing other people have mentioned. I just felt chatty and kind of drunk. That is until I just don't remember anything at all, which wasn't much after the drugs hit my veins. But given that the demerol took a bit to wear off, if you are doing this, definitely bring someone with you if you have to drive home within an hour of your procedure.

Oh, and 36 hours after the procedure, I've still had no bleeding, spotting, cramping ... nothing. Feel great. Just wanted to add that because a lot of the LEEP experiences I have read about on here had me really worried there would be a lot of pain and discomfort. Still early in, but everything lookin' good as of now.