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After my hysterectomy, my blood pressure kept dropping and I had a genneral flu feelings, the pain was bad and the flulike misery was untolerable - he stopped the morphine and put me on demerol and within a half hour I was able to know what was going on around me - he told me to put morphine on my list of allergic medications.
Mephergan Fortis is the only pain medicine I have taken in the last 15 years that does not make me sick/and terrble flu like -. I remember taking hydrocodone before but that was about 20 + years ago.
Japan...I'm so glad you asked this question! I, too, cannot take Morphine. It gives me a general feeling of unwell, flu-like, indescribable anxiety, and it makes me sore all over to the touch. I CAN take hydrocodone with no problem (and Demerol, too), so I feel like you'll be fine. :)