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Thank you for you reply and suggestions. I have severe arthritis of the spine (and other parts of my body too), my C5-7 discs were protruding and indenting my spine. I have had this problem for a long time and was being miss-diagnosed in Manila. Last April I started to loose some of my neuro functions (balance, grip, etc) and that was when my neuro-surgeon in San Francisco decided surgery was my last option. But I had a grand daughter being born in Manila in June so postponed surgery to this September. I also had an emergency exploratory abdominal surgery on Dec 24, 07 and was still recovering from that.
The pain in my arm started 10 days after my ACDF. I contacted my nuero immediately. He said my C6-7 nerves had been compressed for so long and now they are released and going into a sort of "electric shock" as they try to regenerate. He said he had seen this frequently happen and I really had to consider taking pain meds, which I wasn't taking at that time. I am allergic to vicodin percaset and morphine. My only choices were the codeine elixir or liquid demerol. My doctor also noticed a lot of my pain is coming from tense, tightened up muscles. And some of the pain is coming from fibro trigger point activation. I will have an xray on Oct 9 and see my doctor on Oct 13. That is when I'll find out how everything is doing and if he will give me medical clearance to fly back to Manila.
I stopped the laxatives today because I have spent the whole day going to the bathroom! Now I have the opposite problem! But this is not unusual for me even when I'm not on medication. I have a very irritable digestive system.
I am just not willing to try a new medicine that could give me more side effect issues. If I try the Lyrica, I will wait till I am home in Manila where my doctors are a "text" away, as they are all personal friends, and can get to me right away. Swelling of the face and throat is one of the bad effects and that is something I am quite sensitive to, I swell easily. I had a bad time with my surgery in December...I had organ shut down because they didn't know I was allergic to morphine, my veins shut down, my wound opened three times as I rejected the self dissolving stitches and my L5 was torn by the spinal block, which I told them NOT to give me. I was flat in bad for 2 months with spinal headaches. My doctor in SF feels I'll be more comfortable and happier when I'm able to go home. My husband will definately be happier to go home!!!
So, again, thank you for you reply and advice, I truly appreciate it all!
Good luck to you! MArtha