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Dear Sandra,
Sorry to hear about your discomfort, but maybe I can help. I, like you was having problems with swallowing, burping, and couldn't talk. Not so much with the saliva thing, but was getting choked often, and felt like I couldn't breath. I was also having muscle spasms all over my left and right shoulders. Basiclly, I was starting to freak out a little, I was very worried about losing my voice. My NS sent me home from the hospital with robaxin(muscle relaxer) and oxycodone(generic for Percocet I think). I took the robaxin as prescribed and the oxycodone as needed and at night. The oxycodone was keeping me up at night, I couldn't sleep( my NS said this was a common complaint). The robaxin just wasn't doing the job, because I was still having pain from spasms I guess. So, my emotional state was deteriorating quickly, I didn't feel like I was getting any better. My voice was down to a whisper,I was getting choked, and I was in pain.
Well at my 2 week post op my NS could tell I wasn't in good shape so he changed my meds around. He told me he was going to increase my muscle relaxer to valium 5mg. I said what? I didn't know that was used for a muscle relaxer. He said yes, it was the next step up. Then he changed my pain med to demerol 50mg. And finally he gave me elavil 50mg(antidepressant) to take at night. Now, I know what you all are thinking, just like I did, this guys going to be a junkie quick. This is all very potent stuff and I know and respect that. But,let me tell you it has really helped me physically, and emotionally. He prescribed it more, but I only take 1 valium in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, and a demerol only if I need it. One usually eases the pain with no side effect. Some days I don't need any. Now the elavil, I take at night, and it's lights out in 30 mins. all night long. So to make a long story short, these meds have helped me tremendously. My throat feels 100% better, no choking. My voice is sounding better each day. I am getting a full night sleep. And I am walking daily and trying to get out more.
I was worried about taking all this stuff and I told my NS. He said taking them to get better and taking them for fun are two different things. I am taking all of it very conservatively. My next appt. is in May and I will talk to him about easing off of them, I hope it is not to hard. I must be off all of it before returning to work. But, for now Sandra I really feel it is making me more comftorable and helping my recovery. Hope this helps you out, good luck.

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