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Well if she is starting another phase of puberty this could cause an increase in tics and as we know meds aren't perfect. Because I started purbery so early (I was just barely 8 years old when I started) I was in tic hell for the next 4 years and new medications were needed. I was on clonadine and haldol. They took me off clonadine and upped the dose of the Haldol but it never helped the tics and upping it more made me a zomby. So they switched me onto Risperdal and that gave me lactating breasts (I'm a male and please don't you dare laugh) so they got me off that drug quicky. I than tried prolixen, zoloft, depakote and a few other drugs I cannot remember. Sadly to say none of those drugs helped me out but I'm saying this to you so that you might have a better understanding of the path I think you need to take which is either let things go or find new meds.

By the way I was dxed with acute Tourette's Syndrome with ADHD, OCD, OCB and Bi-Polor/GAD between the ages of 6-12 and I still as an adult need to tinker with meds. Does anyone who posted in this thread before me have kids with TS (calling it a tic disorder when its TS) or is it something different than TS.