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Eating Disorder Recovery board

  1. Are any of the original "fight club" members still here??
    ... baker acted on a crisis unit where they put me on Depakote which made me manic. The doctor said he couldn't believe...
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  2. antidepressants?? need urgent advice and as much info as possible
    ... all my meds and start with new ones. I started with Depakote and Remeron. They totally worked for ME. Then I...
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  3. I will never overcome my eating problem on my own!
    ... away from the heavy hitters like seroquel, zyprexa, depakote , lithium, that kind of stuff. Taking an SSRI (selective...
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  4. Anti-depressants and weight gain?
    ... years ago I was seeing a psychiatrist who perscribed depakote (which I think he refered to it as a "mood stabilizer ... regarding your initial question... before I started taking depakote I had other doctors try me out on different antidepressants ... lose weight the whole time. By the time I started on depakote I was too physically weak to get out of bed most days ... gain. I started gaining weight after I started taking depakote (which isn't really an antidepressant) but I don't ... And then I started taking wellbutrin along with the depakote for awhile. The whole time just maintaining a fairly...
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