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Might I ask how old you are. I am 38 had a similar problem Was switched from Desogen to Loestrin FE 24 due to migraines and I gained 22lbs. It's a lower dose pill that is taken for 24 days. I couldn't take it anymore and starting looking on the net about what things it could be other than the BCP.

Tested my thyroid, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and cortisol. I have no progesterone in my body. I am negative 0.02 Not having any or a very low amount causes all the things you have. I have 22lbs all in the middle. Very annoying. I switched pills to Ortho Cept which is the name brand for Desogen and was given 10mg of Provera progesterone with my next cycle.

I just had my blood work done yesterday and switching my pills raised it up 0.04 but I'm was suppose to be between 4.4-28.0 I am WAY WAY WAY off. This sucks!

Anyway you may want to get those things tested. I know the problem now I just can't seem to get the level up higher.

EDIT: I am on the same pill that gave my migraines but instead of Generic it's name brand. So far only been one month but no migraines. He said that sometimes the binding chemicals make all the difference for a person and their side effects.

I can't say for sure if it was the Loestrin that made my progesterone low. It may have been a fluke that I gained weight and my progesterone dropped at the same time I went on them.