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There is no such thing. What works for me may make you loose hair, become depressed, gain weight, have mood swings, develop acne etc.

It's trial and error. There are many brands with different levels of hormones. There are low dose, ultra low dose and high dose levels of BCP. Then there are the mini pills which are progesterone only pills.

Some have 21 days of hormones or 24 days of hormones.

I hated Loestrin FE 24 for the weight gain and cyst acne. Desogen gave me migraines, Mircette I don't remember why I stopped I think it was migraines, Alesse, some bit of acne. Ovcon 35 had about 5 pounds of weight gain. There are a few others but like Apri but I don't think I had any problems with that one. I am now on Ortho Cept which is the name brand for Desogen, and Apri. So far after 2 month of being on them I only had migraines a couple of days before my period. I'm giving it 3 month maybe 4 to see if the migraines get any worse before I switch again.