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It always goes back to how your body reacts to certain pills.

I was on Desogen and it was incredible. Regular periods, clear skin, no side effects, light periods, etc.

I got off bcp because I had to for medical reasons. When I went back on my Dr. suggested I try Yaz.

Yaz has been the worst pill I have ever taken. Headaches (and I never get them), acne- tons of it, tired all the time, weight gain- with the headaches and overall crappy feelings I don't want to exercise, and I have never felt uglier due to all of these side effects!

I called my Dr. to switch me to Apri, the generic Desogen. It's only $10 a month with my insurance so it's a win-win.

I also took Ortho-tricyclen which made me depressed and did nothing for my skin.

So, my vote goes towards the Desogen, Apri, Solia (all the same thing) camp.

Good Luck!