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I had a reaction to being on birth control pills for years. After 3.5 years on desogen I was taken off it b/c my blood pressure went up. I was put on ortho micronor b/c its got no estrogen. Its been 5 weeks and after diet changes and the birth control change my blood pressure has lowered dramatically. It was 150/110 at the dr's office and today it was 125/75. My best advice to you would be to follow a diet that is mainly vegetarian with meat no more than once a day the correct serving sizes. Lots of veggies, nut butters, healthy oils, and beans. Watch out for hidden sodium like in cereal, yogurt, bread, etc. Switch to unrefined sea salt if you use salt. I'm not really watching my sodium but I watch what I eat. I still eat out once a week and still had good results. Its gonna take like 2 weeks to see any changes. Good luck.