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After much trial and error I finally found success in keeping this wretched malady under control. I used Nizarol and Desowen for years and they are no longer effective. I am now having good success with a modified diet in conjunction with twice daily applications of Jojoba oil/zinc oxide ointment. I read an excellent article about foods that aggravate the facial rash. These are acidic foods like tomatoes, orange juice, pineapple, etc. Cinnamon and chocolate were also on the list. Though it is hard to give ulp tomatoes, it is worth the relief from the rash. Right after showering and at night I apply natural jojoba to the entire face, then top it with a thin film of zinc oxide. Jojoba is a natural bacteriacide, and the zinc is commonly used for diaper rash. The zinc is bright white, so for anyone with tan or darker skin it may not be acceptable. Hope this helps someone. Jojoba is available at health food stores. Zinc oxide is at drug stores in the baby section.
Long term use of steroid based ointments ( Desowen, Hydrocortisone) leads to permanent skin damage. I developed broken blood vessels on my nose from using the above two. I recommend mentioning to your doctor that you use cortisone and asking him how long you can use it without side effects. Eventually cortisone stops working and you'll probably have to take the stronger Desowen. If I had it to do again I never would have used steroid based products. The jojoba/zinc combo is actually healthy for the skin.