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hello Kathy and Jan,

I know how you feel. I had the same problem. My doctor prescribe DESYREL (non-addictive). I cut the little pill in half and I sleep like a rock. I was really bad for years. I took that and normalized my sleeping pattern. I took it for about a week.

There is also a Tea that it is sold at a health food store. That is usually good.

You can also take a hot bath right before bed that will relax you. There are also oils that you can burn .. that would help too.

Believe me, no one has had my bad sleeping patterns. Now I sleep good. Every now and then I can't sleep, take again half of one and it is back normalized. Chronic pain, stress, worries can cause all this.

I have surgery 7/16/2003 L5/S1 herniation. Also have a small bulging disc at L4. I know how pain can keep you up all night.

P.S. DESYREL also does not affect other medicines you are taking. Do you have "Whole Foods" where you live? They also have a lot of natural things that can help you normalize your sleeping patterns.

Hope it helps.

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could you explain what "whole foods are". I have tried the hot baths every night using the relaxing bubble bath. It does seem to help pain in legs somewhat. Never completly of course. I have an appt with pm next week and will ask about the desyrel you mentioned. The problem I have is alot of sleep aids actually make me hyper. I have no idea why. Guess my body is goofy. Anyway thank you so much for your advice.

"Whole Foods" is a store chain. They sale just about anything as well as all natural foods (produce and on) , no preservatives... And a lot about health, vitamins etc. I don't know where you live, I am in California. If you don't have it, then you need to find a store where they sale natural things so it does not have much impact on your body. I took sleeping pills over the counter. They left me goofy and drowsy the next day. Making the same mistakes like Mary LOL .

Xavier is so right when he says >>>I think the trick with that is taking it at the same time every night, so your body develops a pattern of sleep.<<<<

I also when I could not sleep I went to an spear bed and would help me sleep. Sometimes changing environments helps. Going to the floor, e.g.

DESYREL does not leave me drowsy, and I only take half of it... It is really tiny... And the good thing it regulates the sleeping pattern. The idea is not get hook on them is to regulate.

Take care,

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