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I've got a loooonnng history of UTIs, kidney stones, blood in urine, bladder spasms, etc. Most recently this past summer one day I came down with horrible bladder pain and had to pee every five minutes. Went to ER, catheter analysis showed I had hemorraghic cystitis. Not fun stuff. Went to urologist who performed cystoscopy and cystogram. Found nothing. Zip, zero, nada. Couldn't really explain why I got the horrible cystitis and why I had so many problems. Basically told me I should be grateful he didn't find cancer or something needing surgery.

So every now and then I take a Detrol if I have spasms (usually caused by dehydration and exhaustion). But basically I have had NO problems. It all cleared up. Well two weeks ago I began taking prenatal vitamins (long story). The other night I began having spasms. Next night again. Then yesterday I have spasms and some kidney pain. Today I have spasms that Detrol is not controlling.

Could the megadoses of folic acid and minerals be irritating my bladder and kidneys? I've taken a multivitamin for years now with no problem. I'm drinking water like a fish, as I always have. Has anyone ever heard of this? Can't think of what it might be.