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Thanks for the replies. I looked at that lawsuit and now I remember the controversy. It's about a problem that arises when women take a combined HRT. In that case it is premarin/provera. She is also on Detrol. I'm going to try to find her inserts for her pills and see if this combination of pain is listed on either insert.

I'm sure she could see a doctor, but it always helps to have an idea and questions. Right now, the only symptom is sharp pain in the groin and pain in the calf. And, she sees her gyn when she has to for a mammogram and for more pills, but she has never even met her primary doc. She sends us all the time. If someone thinks this could be serious - it stops her in her tracks so it must be - I might be able to convince her to go. I have noticed the pain when she was standing and when we were riding in the car. There aren't many stairs around here...