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My daughter is 10 years old and has had bladder infections for over 4 years. She currently takes Detrol LA and generic bactrim every day. She does not complain of any symptom except that she has accidents. I think she has lost a lot of the feeling in her bladder from the infections and cannot tell when she has to go. She has to wear Poise Pads during the day and Goodnites at night. They are both almost always wet. I can tell when she gets a bad infection because the odor will be horrible. She has had two awful kidney infections, so I pay close attention to it.

Does anyone else have this problem (incontinence) or a child with it? I am just hoping for someone to tell me that the incontinence will eventually go away if we ever get rid of the infection. Does the sensitivity come back to the bladder?

I am about to order some Clear Tract and start her on that. We have had all the medical tests and there is nothing structurally wrong, which is god news. The bad news is that (according to doc) sometimes they just have to outgrow it and we just do our best until then.