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Hello everyone,
While I am new to posting here, I have been reading (and learning) for a while...I have some questions about meds. I have chronic interstitial cystitis with Ulcers, Fibro, IBS, Migraines (not any lately, thank goodness) and RA. I also take Zoloft for depression and anxiety (gee, wonder why??? LOL). Anyways, my Urologist had me on Detrol LA and Lortab for my IC, and I was getting Elmiron instills with a catheter to the bladder once a week; tried this for over 3 months, and we could not get the IC under control, and my pain levels were awful, I did not even want to live with me, so I cannot imagine how my family felt. My Uro referred me to a PM Dr. and she has been so great. My question is, tho, she has had me try the Avinza, and now the Duragesic patch, and I do still have Hydro for bt if needed. I do have to go ahead and say that I am really paranoid about meds in general (part of the anxiety disorder) and I am bad (or good) :confused: to half my meds. So, I tried the Avinza and felt so "sleepy and nauseated" that I stopped it. I am sure I did not give it enough time...When I went back for my next appt. my PM and I talked it over and decided to try the Duragesic patch, which I am trying now (took 4 days after getting it for me to put it on, and I left half of the back cover on it to reduce the dose ( I read about that somewhere on here...) I cannot really tell if it is helping or not, and of course now I am scared to take my hydro for bt...Also, I feel so much more depressed, I guess that could be the decrease in the hydro??? (usually had to take 4-6 a day) I guess what I am wondering is if anyone else has IC here or visceral pain ( I have read it is treated differently) and if so what works??? I just want to feel better and not be a "zombie". Thanks so much for listening to my "novel" and I also want to say that it really helps to have somewhere to "turn to" where we can find understanding...My husband is really caring, but I know it must wear on him to have me in pain and depressed so much and scared to take the meds that might help me, to boot...
Thanks again,