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I had a TAH/BSO (Total abdominal hysterectomy with removal of ovaries) on Sepember of this year. Every since then I have had pain in my bladder and lower stomach area. I urinate about 20 times a day and at least 2-3 at night so I don't get much sleep anymore. Now I am leaking urine when I sneeze or laugh. It hurts terribly to bend over. The gyn tried Pyridium 3 times, Urispas, Levaquan, Macrobid, Detrol La. Nothing has helped and the pain is now constant and unrelenting. The gyn thought maybe surgery had brought on Diabetes or Thyroid problems so we did blood tests. Negative for diabetes but T3 & T4 levels were low but TSH was fine so he started me on Thryroid 120mg. Been taking that for about 10 days and still no relief. Finally got referred to a Urologist who said he isn't sure what is wrong. Scheduled a CT scan of lower abdomen for next Wed. The urine test showed positive on dip test but negative under microscope so he sent it away to be cultured. The only thing he said this problem might be is maybe some blood has settled in my abdomen and is pressing on the bladder. Was wondering if this is something anyone has heard of before? The pain is so bad anymore that I can't function hardly at all and only leave my house occasionally.