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I, too, am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It sounds like you have a good doctor and that's important in managing MS.

As I'm sure you know, MS is unpredictable, though I've noticed that it hits hardest during the first couple of years and then tends to back off. Obviously this isn't true for those with progressive MS, but I see it happen a lot in RR.

You should talk to your doctor about Detrol for the urinary incontinence issue. It has helped my daughter a lot. You do have to be careful that you don't swing over to retention problems, though. So my daughter just uses it as needed.

Best wishes to you.

I guess what is so frustrating is that I have had the full course (5 days) of solumedrol and then was on a taper of prednisone in shich just took my last pill today and there seems to be no relief to these symptoms in sight. My vision doesnt change for the better, I am losing my balance more and afalling more, I am l gettng such stiffness and weakness in my lower legs and tingling in both my arms/hands that lasts for hours, now this whole incontinence thing has really left me humiliated and frsutrated. I did get on Detrol LA to help with that, ut he most debilitating of the symptoms are the headaches that seem to come and go whenever they want to. I had to go to the er and get treated a few days ago. My doc did prescribe me diuluadid for th heacaches and it seems to help knock down the pain from an 8 or 9 to a 4 or 5, but the paun never seems to go away completely. I have never had headaches in my life until 3 weeks ago when all these symptoms started showing up and they DX me with MS.

I really do feel for you folks who have yet to be dxed yet are experiencing all these horrible symptoms. I wish the best for you and please feel free to tell me all about it, I am here to help out anyone I can. I would be interested to know from MS patients how long their acute attacks last or lasted and how do you cope with all these things going on at one time to your body. I rally miss my indeoendent lifestyle and dont like depending on others for everything from rides to the doctor to getting groceries and not being able to go to work and do my job. It has all happened so suddenly and it is so overwhelming, I am having such a hard time coping.

Thanks everyone for listening to me, it does me alot to me to hear back from you all and for you to share your experiences with me. God Bless and I hope that you all get healthy real soon!

Your partner in MS,