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I was wondering if anyone could give their opinion on quite a few symptoms I have had and multiplying as the years go by. About 4 years ago I experienced extreme fatigue in afternoons (can't even keep my eyes open) and would get better by night or a quick cat nap would help. Went to doctors said I was depressed, gave meds, didn't help, made me feel worse! Stop taking them. Started getting up at night three, four times a night to urinate. Went to urologist gave me Detrol LA., didn't help. Feet started tingling, nails on feet turn blue, feet always cold. Over the years about once every 3-4 months I wake up with a stiff neck or top part of back, takes days to go away, I can't turn neck at all when stiff. Over the last year my congnitive ability has changed dramaticly. I can't think of words drives me crazy and sometimes I change topic when I am talking and people can't follow me conversation. When I am really fatigued my right leg buckles and just very recently when ever I step off of a curb I loose my balance, I look like somebody who has been drinking. I was searching the web desperate for information on fatigue because I just can't stand it anymore. Had to quite my last job due to how tired I felt and they weren't to keen on you using the bathroom to much. Anyways I was researching hhv6 because my mom had told me I had roseola when I was an infant which led me to some articles that it might link to ms. When I read some of the symptoms it amazed me, it frightened me. :confused: Made appt. to see doctor. Does it sound like MS to anyone? Does anybody else have any opinions on what it might be? Sorry so long! Thanks to anyone who replies.