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hi all,
i have an over active bladder i wake up at least 3 times at night every night.i am on detrol la it doesn't help much i have just pretty much accepted this . But over the last 3-4 days i have woke up to pee just as i do every night but i am having alot of trouble starting the flow and keep any kind of flow i am only emptying some of my bladder and i still feel like i need to pee but i can't so i fall back to sleep for maybe 45 mins-1 hour as try all over again. This happens all night however the wierd thing is that it only happens at night after i wake up for 20-30 mins it back to normal i can empty my bladder and i have a good flow. i am on many meds,but the only change in meds that i have had is increase in narcos from 6 a day to 8 a day.I am also on nontriptyline,robaxin,zantac,reglan,seroquel,but this is the same as i have been on for awhile now except the increase in narcos. Has this happened to anyone else? why is this only happening at night? please help i am a little worried.kelsey