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Hi everyone, Well my other half had his surgery on Aug. 8th. After a delay from June. Put aside the nausea and some pain he did pretty good. Even though he had some reservations about the catheter he has adjusted well to it. He did have some problems with the incision draining ( we weren't warned about that) and what they called "bladder spasms" ( the dr. put him on detrol la) The dr. told us everything looked good and he took out the lymph nodes. So, it doesn't look like it went there. Confined to the prostrate. Our question now is--- He goes Monday to have the cath removed. Is there anything he needs to know about the procedure? Such as (pain relievers) etc.? I know that sounds weird after going thru surgery,etc. But, being prepared helps. Thanks for any advice. One day at a time is how we're dealing with this.