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Jackmar, I feel your pain. I too was having symptoms similar to a bladder infection and had the urge to urinate dozens of times a day. I had urinalysis after urinalysis, all of which came back negative. I finally went to see a urologist who performed a battery of tests (some of which were uncomfortable, though not painful). Cancer and ICS were ruled out, which left "overactive bladder" as the diagnosis (a rather generic diagnosis). I was prescribed Detrol LA and told to avoid caffeine in all forms. Ten months later, I am MUCH better, though when I cheat and have coffee I pay the price. The downsides to Detrol LA are the cost (since there is no generic equivalent, it's very expensive), dry mouth, and smelly urine, though from what I understand these side effects are less severe than side effects from other drugs. In the interest of getting off of these meds, I am considering trying acupuncture, which my urologist says does offer relief for some people with this condition.

Good luck!

By the way, I am 42, seemingly too young for overactive bladder, but there you go!