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Hello All sorry it's been awhile, Martha glad to hear about your mom. Would'nt it just be wonderful if she continues to become more like herself. It has been a bit rough, currently mother is still in the same place but it is a battle almost daily. Recently DH's job of eleven years layed off 185 people. He has been blessed to be one of the five electricians chosen to stay until April 1st after that they will know if they will continue to have a plant or not. So we have been killing ourselves to finish our home remodeling in case of a needed quick sale. The wood industry suffers a slump about every 11-13 yrs. so hopefully it will pick back up. Meanwhile, we are having concerns about mother's meds. she never even took an aspirin until this disease here is a list of what she takes daily can anyone relate to these meds effects etc. Somedays mother is fine other's terrible, drunk and stumbling or crying and pitifully saddened. Here goes: Klonopin-0.25 mg 2x's daily, Seroquil-200mg.2x's daily, Bistral- 25mg. 3x's daily, Celexa-20mg.1xdaily, Buspar- 15mg 3x's daily, Areocept-1xdaily, Namenda-2x's daily, Peractin 4mg. 2x's daily for appetite, Detrol la -1xdaily 4mg. for bladder, Catasalm-50mg. every 12 hours as needed for pain for arthritis!!! Geez just writing this made me dizzy, my worry is maybe she is on so much medicine that no wonder she is from one extreme to another. How do you tell if your parent is being overly medicated etc. and if they really need all of this stuff or is the Nh just trying to get them to be a zombie so they dont have to be so bothered. I dont want her to be upset or hurting herself or others but am I allowing them to slowly kill her also?????????????? help appreciated , jess