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I'm not sure that I can be of help, but I can tell you about me. I suffered terrible abdominal pain FOR YEARS, different symptoms -side pain (ACUTE), discharge, sometimes with strong odor. Days without being able to get out of bed, chronic lower back pain, painful intercourse, and so many other things. Every doctor I went to said it was woman's pain, after two c sections, what could I expect, yes, some cysts, but not enough for the discomfort I was having, they said. I was put on pain killers, they helped, some, but it took more and more, finally, GOD blessed me with a fantastic OBGYN. I walked in, he never even took my clothes off. He said I had a (it was very technical, i don't remember word for word), but it was a tilted uterus, it put pressure on my lower back, bladder, I had kidney pain, and sex was an absolute nightmare, I felt like I was being raped, and I LOVE my husband, and it didn't just hurt when we wre doing it, but for days after.
Finally, after four years, and three jobs, I finally got a job with good insurance, I got a complete abdominal hysterectomy on Feb. 07. I had terrible bladder spasms in the beginning, he put me a detrol la, it helped, a lot.
Most doctors do not give women's issues the consideration we are due. My doctor's name is Dr. Thomas Watson Jernigan, from Johnson City TN, he is my hero, and he saved my sanity, and my marriage. Good luck, and God Bless.