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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share this amazing drug I started taking 2 weeks ago for bladder frequency and urgency. My doctor prescribed DETROL LA 4 mg. The LA stands for Long Acting. I take it every morning. I noticed the first day that I took it I slept from 9:00 in the evening right through to 3:00 am before I had to go to the bathroom not like before up every hour on the hour, how exhausting:yawn: On the May long weekend we travelled for 4 hours to our RV spot (no bathroom stop totally blown away and extremely happy) no gross:p :p outhouse visits. According to my doctor she prescribes this drug to her elderly patients who tolorate it very well. The only side effect I experienced was a dry mouth. Research it and talk to your doctor about it. It can't hurt and may help. Please let me know how you make out if you decide to give it a try. Good Luck and Best Wishes!

DX 2000 RRMS with MRI
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Age 45
I have been using a walker for about a year
I have bladder problems and bowel problems too. I finally got a prescription for Detrol La and it seems to help. Other end of it, however, it's either one extreme (tmi) or the udder.