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OK, shoot, this morning I read this post, then left for many hours. AS SOON as I was in my car I thought, "Detrol LA, right? Is that it? Do I win a prize for finding that in my foggy head???"

Now, I do apologize, Beary, because you posted thoughtful, helpful information and I posted "silliness" next. I was just so proud of myself...

Kim, I'm on Copaxone and I'm afraid it has in no way helped this particular problem. I don't think it is as bad for me as it is for you, but coughing or sneezing almost always cause some leakage...sigh. Cherry blossom time in DC takes on a new, ominous meaning in light of this.

I try to take every possible opportunity to relieve myself. I have to accept that I no longer have a bladder of steele like I used to have...
Thank you, Beary! I hope it's something they deal with. A dear friend of mine has ppms and has terrible bladder problems as well. My Mother has a transplanted kidney and doesn't go at the rate I do. Thank you for your help. And YES, Detrol (gotta go gotta go gotta go right now.......and I don't have to go right now) lol. You guys are grreat. Happy Mother's Day if'n it applies, to everyone!
:) :) :) Hi everyone,

I have been suffering with bladder urgency, frequency and no control during a sneeze or laughter for the last year and half. It has really been a pain because I always need a bathroom close by that I can access. I have a son with a wonderful sense of humor and I have to tell him to stop making me laugh and this bothers me because I love laughing, its good for the soul especially when you have MS. I mentioned to my doctor this is very draining as I get no sleep (up 2 to 4 times through the night) she gave me a sample pack of Detrol LA on Monday May 7, 2007 and it helped immediately. I took my first pill (4mg) first thing in the morning as directed and that was the first night I had more than 5 hours of sleep in a row. Also to let you know I was able to drive for 4 hours straight with no bathroom break to and from our resort property. Only side effects I noticed were dry mouth (chewed gum) and a headache for a couple of hours on first and second day. I know this Monday I'm heading for my doctors office for a prescription. Just had to let you all know this drug really helped and I'm so pleased. Also it was my time of the month when I started this drug:) :) :)
Hi phranky,

I got this prescription from my family doctor. I told her my bothersome symtoms and she gave me Detrol LA to try for 7 days (a free trail pack). I couldn't believe how fast it improved my irritating bladder symtoms and went right back to her after I ran out of my 7 day supply and asked for a prescription. Anyone of the three you mentioned or the easiest one you can get access to.

Thank goodness, no bad storm! Back to the Detrol. Two thumbs up, way up. I couldn't wait to get out of bed and take it this morning. Thank you so much for the recommendation!