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Hi nuffs3

Metropolol is a beta blocker that is used to treat chest pain and high blood pressure. Pain generally causes blood pressure to rise. It is also helpful in preventing migraines headaches for some people.

Detrol is a medication to control an overactive bladder.

If he has been taking the morphine (Kadian) and oxycodone for 8 weeks his body is most likely dependant on it. But that is a far cry from addiction. You might want to read some of the studies that have been done on pain patients and addiction. There are many out there and the experts all seem to agree that someone taking pain meds. when they are in pain, is not at a high risk of becoming addicted. As a matter a fact, the risk seems negligable.

Besides its value helping with depression, anti-depressants are often Rx'd to chronic pain patients because they help some patients with the pain.

The Kadian is a long acting form of morphine meaning it does not release all of it's medication right away, it releases some in the first hour and some a few hours later so youo only need to take 2 doses a day.

The oxycodone sounds like the short acting stuff which the Dr. may start havinghim take it less when his pain eases some. If he is going to be taking pain meds. long term, the Dr. may increase his long acting medication and decrease his short acting medication.

Good luck to you, it sounds like he is veyr lucky to have you helping him!!